Creating a new Task

When you first open a new workspace, there will be no tasks listed. To add a new task, click "Add Task" on the left side of your screen, and enter the name of the task. Once created, tasks can be assigned to individuals, or have estimates or due dates set for them.


You can add subtasks by dragging a task under another one. Subtask titles should be short and easy to read, as they'll show up whenever someone is working with them (in the activity feed, in budgets when time is tracked, mentioned inside of other task's chats, and more.)

Task Discussion & Activity

Every task in Turtle has its own discussion thread connected to it, and making sure you know which task you're chatting about is critical.

When you select a task card from the left, the discussion for that task will appear on the right side of your screen.

This window is where requirements, designs, questions, updates, and feedback should go. Users can add notes, links, files, and track time through the chat window. This way, any team member can transparently and quickly see how progress is going.

In the example above, the task "Mobile Payments" has been selected, with it's Chat & Activity open to the right.

Turtle Tip: If you notice a task's chat is getting too long or complicated to follow, maybe consider breaking that task down into subtasks. It could be an indicator that the original scope of the task is slowing progress.