All payments are processed on a monthly basis. For example, you get paid for your January hours at the beginning of February.

Please don't forget to log your hours on time—only hours logged until the midnight UTC between different months are included in your next payment. Everything logged later will make its' way to the following month's payment.

If you had any hours in the previous month you're going to get an email or message from one of our billing team members, here's an example:

Please make sure that everything is correct and let us know if there is a mistake.

Once you confirm the details our billing team will process your payment.

Payment Methods

Payoneer 💸

Our main payment method:

Turtle covers the fee so you will get the full amount without being charged for it.

You should prepare for your first payment by going through the full verification process. Please follow the guide here:

Please check the Verification page in your Payoneer account even if you used it before. Make sure there are no required actions in the Verification Center:

Once you do everything above please let an operations manager know your Payoneer email that we can use to initiate the payment.

If using Payoneer, it may take up to 5 days for Payoneer to process your payment and for funds to make their way to your account.

If you are unable to receive Payoneer payments directly through their portal but can receive them by ACH bank transfer to your Payoneer account, please share the bank transfer details provided to you Payoneer.