The basics of working with a customer on Turtle

We have 8 years of experience helping freelancers work effectively with tech companies. Through this, we developed a simple process that keeps both sides happy. Follow the 4 step process below for a great client experience:

Step 1 - New task

Your client creates a task in the Backlog with a description of what they want.

Step 2 - Create a plan

You create a plan with subtasks and estimates and mention the customer. Use the estimates feature here too if it helps.

Step 3 - Approval

Wait to make sure the client is OK with spending that many hours on the task and that is the next priority for their business.

Step 4 - Work

You get started! Every day that you work, make sure to track time to the task that you are working.

To track time, select each task you worked on, then use the [+] button to add time: